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The Desert Winds Freedom Band adds to the quality of life in the Coachella Valley by providing musical entertainment during our concerts and community events. As a community band, we provide an opportunity for residents and seasonal visitors to make music, perform and meet many new and interesting people in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The band includes members from all over North America, with ages ranging from high school students to those in their 80s. We hope that you will feel that the DWFB is deserving of your support.

In addition to our core function, the band has provided outreach activities for several years to the music programs at local middle and high schools.

Each year for the last five years the band has sponsored workshops at selected middle and high schools in the valley. During our Spring Concert week in 2019, our guest conductor Randall Standridge (a renowned composer of band music) and our Artistic Director, along with our Board President visited several middle and high schools in the Coachella Valley. During these visits the school bands, working together on one Mr. Standridge’s many compositions and allowing the students the rare chance to study a musical piece with the person who wrote it.  The band has held these workshops for five years now. They are very popular with the area school bands and we hope to continue this outreach going forward. To learn more about the DWFB Outreach activities go HERE.